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The Super Save from a Dog AuctionThe Super Save from a Dog Auction

The Super Save from a Dog Auction



And the Highest Bidder Wins...Freedom.
Our local rescue group is on their way to do what we call a "Super Save," and hundreds of us who donated to this event are waiting anxiously to meet the faces that our money helped free from hell. Dog Ranch Rescue is on their way to a "Dog Auction", posing as puppy mill owners, but blogging every scent, sound and tear-jerking moment. This team fights using their bids to win every dog they can in an effort to save them, and brings the dogs back to their boarding/daycare ranch, providing every dog with intensive healthcare, and documenting each life as it is transformed. Follow them on Facebook to watch the uplifting stories.

Dog Mill Auctions are underground buy-and-sell events where animals, who've lived their lives in horrific conditions, are literally thrown onto a bidding table to be auctioned off to puppy mill owners. Dogs are swapped from one hellish life to another one. From metal cages no bigger than their bodies - where they grow up permanently hunched over because they cannot stand, and their toes spread wide by the metal bars - the only surface they will ever know. Some dogs are thrown on the swap table to be bid on with open wounds and painful rotted teeth, who have been starved or beaten... the list goes on. The mill owners buy and sell and treat them like commodities, not lives.

Because there are no laws or lawmakers to help
When you see social media messages asking you to adopt from rescue groups, it is because nearly every pet store gets their puppies straight from the mill dog mommas who live tortured lives to provide the pet stores with their litters. Nothing is changing for these dogs. So rescues like Dog Ranch Rescue go to the auctions, posing as mill owners, freeing as many dogs as possible from a life of hell. At the last swap, Dog Ranch Rescue and other rescues around the country coordinated their bids -- of 285 dogs on the table, 135 were saved by rescues.

Be part of changing lives
Every mill dog's life is documented by Dog Ranch Rescue on Facebook, as they heal at Lone Star Dog Ranch and in foster homes. Dog Ranch Rescue is a registered 501-C3 organization, which means that all the care for their animals is based on public donations. Your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products made a difference! If you want to contribute and be truly touched as you watch these rescued dogs run on grass for the first time, feel sunlight on their face, experience the touch of a kind human hand, or take a dip in a pool -- consider donating to the fund. Every dollar given goes directly to the rehabilitation of these mill dogs. Click here to read more and donate.

Dog Ranch Rescue retrieved a whopping 49 dogs and are giving them a second chance at a life they deserve. These dogs never have to spend their long days in a cold, cramped and cruel puppy mill again!

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