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Who knew your love for dreamy face masks, nourishing shea butters and glow-getting eye serums could save the lives of three beautiful donkeys?

We first saw this furry family of three being auctioned off online one late afternoon. If the shelter holding the auction could not find a family and fast, this trio was facing slaughter with a timer on the bottom of the screen tick tick ticking away at their freedom. With each passing tick we saw this family’s chance at a better life dwindle away—and we know we had to step in to help.

Tick. Tick.

An hour remained when our founder, Shannon, was able to round up a transport, the funds to save this family and the excitement from our team. These donkeys were coming to our ranch of ever-growing green grass and blue skies!!

Ohh the excitement in the air when this family of three arrived! There were carrots, there were hugs and tears! And can we talk about their big furry EARS?! This rescue was FarmHouse Fresh’s biggest and furriest to date. There was nothing but happy and hopeful vibes flowing all around The Farm from our white alpine goat to our graphic designers.


However, this excitement soon would turn to fear. Upon arriving, mama donkey began appearing sick—heaving on the patio during feed time and taking in 80 breaths a minute, she could barely hold her head up. She and baby made a visit to the hospital when we were told she had just a 50/50 chance of making it through the night. Mama was diagnosed with pneumonia with fluid in her lungs and an infection. It would took a little bit of medical magic and care to get mama donkey back to skipping up into the air…

…And then, after some time she ate an entire bag of CARROTS! With treatment and her baby by her side, mama was able to pull through and given the green light to come back to our ranch after just a few days. Reunited with brother, this family was finally able to gallop freely around the pasture with nothing but clear skies and sunshine shining down.
Meet the Fam!
Our newest green-grass-loving trio consists of Dolly, aka: mama – 5 years old, Willie aka brother – 2 years old, and Brooks aka baby brother – 3 months old.


All of this would not have been possible without your purchases and with help from some incredible rescues here in Texas. We want to thank Miss Jo's Rescue for taking such good care during quarantine, our friends and neighbors at ManeGait who rushed our family to the hospital, and Tri County Veterinary Clinic & Allen Animal Clinic for loving veterinary care. This was an incredible team coming together to do even more amazing work! Please visit their websites to learn more about these teams and how to help.

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