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A Whole Latte of SavingA Whole Latte of SavingA Whole Latte of SavingA Whole Latte of SavingA Whole Latte of Saving

A Whole Latte of Saving



A very special rescue
You already know that we use funds from your FHF product purchases to rescue animals that come to live at our sanctuary. But what happened recently was extra special as we got to help a beautiful dairy cow by purchasing her so her former owner wouldn't have to take her to a sale barn, where you never know the outcome. So many gorgeous animals like her, deserving of a carefree life, go to slaughter just because they canít find a suitable forever home.

Saved because of your purchases
Isn't she breathtaking? Your purchases - yes YOUR purchases - bought her a ticket to Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch where they will work to find her the perfect new family! Many of you graciously proposed a new name for this beauty, and Ms. Jo's chose "Latte" because she's just the sweetest caramel color cow ever. But we did a whole latte more of saving that day! Along the way, we also helped pull a foxy, wee-little, 3-foot tall white pony with a mane for days, and two baby cows (one that's very sick). All are receiving loving care and a fresh chance at a great life because of YOUR love for our face masks, body scrubs and moisturizers! You are the reason we are able to continue to rescue.

You Can Help Any Day And We'll Reward You:
If you contribute $10 or more to Miss Joís Rescue Ranch, snap a screenshot and shoot us an email. We'll send you a free hand cream of your choice!

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