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Gentle healing
Just across the road from our FHF Ranch is quite possibly one of the most healing corners on earth. ManeGait is a beloved therapeutic horsemanship ranch where gentle giants help children and adults with a wide range of disabilities to gain courage, strength, and a sense of belonging. From war veterans who gain peace and calm after years of PTSD to children who speak for the first time after connecting with their horse, lives change daily at ManeGait.

A Gala of giving
We were thrilled to contribute to this year's Gala at the 'Gait. In addition to our FarmHouse Fresh contribution, we partnered with The Four Seasons Resort - Dallas at Las Colinas to donate an extra special basket of goodies for the silent auction. The winning bidder enjoyed a $600 package that included over 20 FarmHouse Fresh products and a deluxe "Fall into Bliss" Four Seasons-FarmHouse Fresh mani-pedi package.

ManeGait is a registered 501-C3 organization, which means that all the care for their animals is based on public donations. Your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products made a difference! If you are moved by this team's efforts, consider making a private donation.

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