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Glow around here much?

If your customers are the kind that have everything, we bet our Mighty Brighty they've never felt (or smelled) anything like FarmHouse Fresh! There's a reason we've topped the Favorites list of so many major magazines, and it has everything to do with the glow!

Yes, we grow so skin glows. Fresh botanicals, rich in nutrients, are grown daily on our farm to bring rapid results to skin. From the moment Illumination Fruit Mask smoothes over skin, or Oprah's favorite Honey Heel Glaze drizzles on, it's love at first feel.

But don't take our word for it. Read our Farmies' reviews. We know today's shoppers seek buzzy ingredients with fast-acting shareworthy results. So we have dedicated our lives to delivering on that promise - formulating, testing, and creating some of the most talked about spa treatments that transform the feel of skin. Our Award-Winning, celeb-loved line will not disappoint!


You donkey rescuer, you!

Your customers are part of the rescue from first purchase. Flip your jar over and type the code you see into our website. You'll see all the wonderful rescue initiatives made possible by YOU in the very month your jar came off the line. Simply by buying products you enjoy, you're making an immediate difference in the lives of animals from coast to coast.


Fabulous products found in fabulous locations

FarmHouse Fresh is carried at finer hotels, spas, salons and luxury retail boutiques with physical storefront locations. If you are not sure if we're a good fit for your location, please call us! As a benefit to our spas and retailers, we have limited presence online. If you intend to sell FHF online as well as in your physical storefront, your website must be pre-approved and discounting is not allowed. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to those who place FHF products on Ebay, Amazon or other 3rd party selling sites. We love and support our local community businesses!

You're a Favorite. We're a Favorite. Let's Hang Out.

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